What Will You Explore in a Malawi Safari Tour?

Imagine seeing beautiful forests, mountains, white beaches, and warm water…That’s what you’ll experience when you pack your bags and go on a safari in glorious Malawi. Malawi, also known as the warm heart of Africa, is a generous country and one of the best opportunities for travelers to truly immerse themselves into the African way of life.

Although there are many extraordinary displays of nature to behold, Malawi is best known for the outstanding Lake Malawi, or ‘Lake of Stars’.

While on a Malawian safari, travelers will find the rustic resorts on the lake shore to be the ideal hideaway to kick back in the sand and watch the sun sink into the lake, as fishermen return to shore with the day’s catch.
There are many small rustic resorts along this fresh water lake where you can kick back on the sand, and enjoy the perfect sunset over this lake. Malawi will offer you the perfect sub tropical climate, allowing you ample time to soak up the sun and work on your tan.


Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi and is the largest as well. It’s divided into two regions – New City and Old City. In the Old City you can explore attractions such as cafes, markets and restaurants. In the New City you can explore hotels and embassies.
In Lilongwe you can enjoy Nsima, a local dish made of ground corn which can be served with a side of vegetables or meat. The seafood is locally sourced from Lake Malawi.

Malawi is also home to over 12 million people, with Chichewa and English being the main languages.

These are just a few of the many reasons to place a safari to Malawi at the top of the travel bucket list!

Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi, or ‘Lake of Stars’, is an enormous freshwater inland sea. Lake Malawi occupies one-fifth of the country’s total area and is the third-largest lake in Africa.

Its approximate dimensions are 590 km north to south and 85 km broad at its widest point. The Lake drains an area larger than Malawi itself yet, surprisingly, only one river, the Shire (pronounced “shiray” – the old spelling) flows from it. Eventually, the water spills into the Indian Ocean via the River Zambezi.

The lake’s surface is 470 m above sea level but its deep end reaches 700 m, plunging well below sea level.

This large lake is usually calm and placid but can become bumpy when the strong winds blow from the north or south.

Role in the Economy of Malawi

Lake Malawi plays a vital role in the economy of Malawi. Because of its rich harvest of fish, fishing villages are scattered along the length of the lake shore to allow its inhabitants to create their income.

What to Expect in a Safari Tour in Malawi

Lake Malawi

All safari trips to Malawi, allow travelers to spend four nights on the banks of Lake Malawi. Tents can be put up right on the beach front within a few metres from the gentle lapping waves.

Days can be spent exploring the village, drumming on the beach, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, horse riding, or just sitting back and enjoying the slow pace of Africa. Malawi is also host to some of the greatest wood carvings found on our travellers; excellent craftsmanship and quality make it a souvenirs shoppers dream!!
Those looking for something more active to do can join a local guide and hike up to the Livingstonia mission, a good six to ten hours round trip which gets the muscles working and allows for great views.

Most of your time in Malawi will be spent enjoying the white beaches and warm waters of Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is also known as “the lake of stars”, offering an abundance of water activities. With the staggering amount of 500 species of fish, this lake makes for an excellent spot for fresh water diving after meeting and greeting all the welcoming locals.

Would You Like to Visit Malawi?

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