Swakopmund – An Adrenaline Junkies Paradise

Swakopmund is an adrenalin junkie’s paradise – The air, ocean and sand adventure activities in Swakopmund will get the heart racing whilst exploring and enjoying your Namibia overland trip. As Namibia’s adrenalin capital, Swakopmund is a candy-store of adventure activities to quench the thirst of even the most extreme adrenalin junkie. It bellies a host of exciting and unique adventure activities which are the ultimate way to explore all the natural wonder and beauty of a Namibia overland whilst getting your adventure fix.

Here is Africa Travel Co’s guide to Swakopmund’s top 5 adventure activities to make your Namibia tour unforgettable.

Skydiving over the Namibia Desert

What better way to enjoy the endless panoramic views of Swakopmund, the rugged Namibia coastline and vast Namib Desert on your Namibia overland trip than from 10 000 ft in the air attached to a friendly tandem master and a parachute. After a 25 minute scenic flight up into the air, you shuffle towards the door and peer over the edge to the beautifully infinite desert stretching out around your feet. Then it’s three, two, one and out the door for 30 seconds of freefall flight in which you reach speeds of up to 200 km/h! If you ever dreamed of being superman as a kid this is your best chance. Nothing can describe the feeling of flying through the air and soaking it all in before you pull your parachute and coast back down to the Namibia Desert floor enjoying the view as you go. No Swakopmund trip or Namibia tour is complete without skydiving over the Namib Desert.


For those Namibia overland travelers looking for a little more hang-time, paragliding is a unique way to experience all the beauty of the Namib Desert dunes from the air. Let the air thermals of the Namib Desert carry you down the sheer face of the Swakopmund sand dunes or explore the diverse birdlife, game and natural wonder of Sossusvlei and Damaraland.

Swakopmund Sandboarding

The Swakopmund sand dunes are any board lover’s dream on a Namibia tour. An epic 100m 6 sided dune calls for you to conquer it. After waxing up your snowboard/lie-down board you shred your way down the sheer face of the dune getting sweet turns in before running back up to try again. There is even the chance to grab some air on the ramp or clock up to 80 km/h on the infamous lie-down sandboarding Dizzy run. Sandboarding down one of Namibia’s iconic Namib Desert monsters is the most fun you can have on a Namibia tour – as long as you don’t mind the taste of Namib Desert sand.

Exploring the Namib Sand Dunes on a Quad-bike

The Namib Desert is an infinite sea of sand in every vibrant and crazy shade of caramel, red and gold possible. With so much sand to explore and rugged coastline to see on a Namibia tour there is no better way to tear up the dunes than on a speeding Namibia four wheeler/quad-bike. It’s a blast whizzing up the sheer towering sand dunes, the Namib Desert whipping through your hair as you try your luck at popping wheelies and outracing your fellow quad-bike adventurers.

So whether you’re keen to race up the sheer towering faces of the Namib Desert Dunes on a Namibia 4×4 wheeler tours, tear down them on a snowboard or take in the view of the rugged Swakopmund coastline as you hurtle towards the ground, Swakopmund will plant a grin on your face for the rest of your Namibia overland trip.

“The Most fun you can have with your clothes on” –

All of these activities and more can also be booked with your trip leader. Keep Discovering!

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