African Wildlife Safari

What is on your bucket list this spring? If it is an African wildlife safari, there is so much to see and do on this diverse continent; you will be spoilt for choice.

Do you dream of an African wildlife safari where you can stare into the soft brown, intelligent eyes of a mammoth-sized gorilla or is it a riverboat ride down the Chobe River in Botswana, sipping cocktails and drinking in the unbeatable sunset as you glide silently down the calms waters?

Perhaps your dream African wildlife safari includes dancing wildly around a fire with the locals savouring some of the unforgettable cuisines or practising jumping in the air and touching the clouds alongside the elders of the Maasai Mara; maybe it’s a little something as simple as sleeping under the star-spangled pristine African sky that resembles spilt glitter that a clumsy toddler has thrown into the air?

Africa has much to offer the intrepid traveller and adventurous spirit – choose an African wildlife safari this spring to experience much of the joy that nature has to offer.

Take note that:

Spring spells the birth of wild animals – enjoy the mini-mes of every kind of wild animal imaginable.

Trips to the many wildlife parks will ensure you enjoy a brand new life of the young – these include elephant, zebra, buck, hippos, giraffe and the multitude of wildlife on offer.

A trip to the Great Rift Valley of Kenya is a must for those that want to experience Africa Wildlife Safari:

Many travellers to Kenya hardly get past pulsating Nairobi, the Maasai Mara or the coast, which is a great pity as there is so much more to Kenya than meets the eye!

The Great Rift Valley region stretches for well over 5 950 km down the continent of Africa – this is all the way from the Dead Sea in the southwestern region of Asia to Mozambique in the south-east of the African continent.

The Great Rift Valley boasts some of the most breath-taking scenery on earth – this is where your safari goes from better to best.

The Great Rift Valley is famous for its sensational glaciers, eye-popping lakes, volcanoes and depressions boasting a most unusual eco-system, presenting some of the most exquisite parks in the world, literally brimming with wildlife.

Try a trip to Lake Baringo, which is best known for its mesmerising sunsets, amazing array of colourful birdlife (this is where you go if you adore pink flamingos), and connect with the almost extinct Jemp community which still carries out traditions dating back hundreds of years.

A visit to Naivasha is a must; Naivasha is the Hells Gate National Park which has been so named because of the natural hot geysers at the entrance to the awe-inspiring gorge.

A choice between two campsites is an affordable option when looking for accommodation in Naivasha – these include Fisherman’s Camp or Burch Marina Camp.


Another fine destination to visit this spring is Uganda, where you will undoubtedly experience the true spirit of Africa.

Uganda, dubbed “The Pearl of Africa” by none other than Sir Winston Churchill, is a country rich in scenic splendours, adventure trails and filled to capacity with wildlife – including exquisite primates, and especially the gorillas that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.

Even though Uganda is a rather small country, it offers guests a dazzling array of attractions to tempt the adrenaline junkie.

Uganda holds the promise of unforgettable primate encounters with the best place to see these which is in the wild at Kibale National Park where an exceptionally high density of chimps is sighted.

The verdant rainforests of south-west Uganda are once again luring intrepid visitors to Uganda and although the trek is a tough one, the rewards are indeed sweet – here you will see enormous primates that share 98% of our DNA.

Take a walk on the wild side and place an African wildlife safari high up on the top of your bucket list this spring.

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