Magical Mozambique

Magical Mozambique

Mozambique is a must. Below are 10 reasons why you should add Mozambique to your bucket list.

  1. The friendly locals.

  • Wherever you travel in Mozambique, you will see bright white or toothless smiles.
  • The friendliness of the locals is legendary and will add an awesome flavour to your stay.
  1. Mozambique is a tropic paradise.

  • The tropical climate consists of lovely warm weather.
  • Some random spectacular thunderstorms furthermore expose another facet of this country’s breathtaking beauty.
  1. Natural beauty and spectacular scenery.

  • The untamed wilderness of the area with lush greens and tropical plants which is totally opposite to the Namibian desert.
  • Much of Mozambique is still wild and natural, therefore, it is truly an awe-inspiring sight to behold.
  1. Exquisite wood carvings.

  • Not only are the locals friendly, but they are also exceptionally talented at wood carving.
  • Different types of wood are used for different carvings and the carvings are often representative of their heritage and family history.
  1. Sandy beaches with clear water.

  • Mozambique is famed for its beautiful beaches in addition to its clear water and sunny days.
  • Days can be spent on the white sand next to the tropical waters or at the many beach bars.
  • Surfing and kayaking is another key point to Mozambique’s popularity.
  1. Dhows with billowing sails.

  2. The dhows are spectacular sailboats that remind us of a romantic time long gone.
  3. Take a dhow safari to discover some of the secrets that hide along the coastline.
  4. Marine Creatures.

  • Tropical fish, whale sharks, manta rays, dugongs and many more marine creatures can be found along the coast of Mozambique.
  • The sightings of these marine animals are nothing short of spectacular.
  • Diving, snorkelling and fishing are only a few of the water-based activities on offer.
  1. Music and dance.

  • Mozambique has a rich cultural history and music plays a big part in this.
  • Most instruments are hand-made and dancing often accompanies celebrations and rituals.
  • Mozambican music is reggae-ish mixed together with African influences.
  • Musical instruments consist of the marimba, different flutes and drums among others.
  1. The vibe.

  • This would surely be the number one reason to visit this country coupled with all the other 9 points.
  • The country has, without doubt, a laid back happy vibe probably because of the great food and music.
  1. The food is number one right alongside the vibe.

  • Portuguese culture has a heavy influence on the food.
  • Some of the delicious foods in Mozambique include juicy prawns, Portuguese rolls, peri-peri dishes, tropical fruits, samosas, crab, crayfish.
  • Delicious seafood is fresh, plentiful as well as affordable.


To summarize; 

  • Friendly tropical paradise
  • Offers spectacular natural beauty.
  • Stunning clear water and sandy beaches
  • Delicious food and vibey music
  • Ideal holiday destination.
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