The Cederberg area is famous for its spectacular rock formations. The Cederberg gives its name to the Cederberg Formation, a narrow shale band that is locally referred to as “Die Trap” or in English “The Step”, because of its characteristic manner in which it weathers. The vegetation of the conservancy area changes from fynbos to succulent karoo as the climate slowly becomes arider from the west to the east.

  Visit Cederberg Area  Driving and hiking in this beautiful and unique area offer an opportunity to view a wonderful variety of vegetation types and associated plants. Many of these plants are restricted to the area (i.e. endemic), occurring nowhere else in South Africa, or indeed in the world. Due to the water canal project, there are now many wine farms in the vicinity of Clanwilliam, as well as citrus farms towards the small farming town of Citrusdal.