Blissful Botswana: Why Botswana Needs to be on your Travel Bucket List

Are you a traveller who loves exploring beautiful nature reserves or seeing magnificent wildlife? Then Botswana is just the place you need to add to your Africa travel bucket list. Seeing elephants hanging out at the riverbank or zebras grazing in the fields is not something to be missed!

Wildlife of Botswana

A safari through Botswana is a fantastic choice any traveller can make. Botswana is home to numerous wildlife species ranging from big cats, hippos, rhinos, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras, wild dogs, kudus, just to name a few!

The Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park is a hotspot for wildlife. The water of the Okavango Delta spreads out as far as it can reach during the wet seasons. During the dry seasons, the water begins to recede causing the animals to migrate to the north-western side of Botswana.

National Parks & Reserves to Explore in Botswana

Botswana is full of national parks and nature reserves to explore and you’ll most likely get up close and personal with the animals! Here are a few you can visit:

Some Animals you’ll see in Botswana:

African Elephant

Spot the largest population of African Elephants and its younglings at the river banks of Chobe National Park. Elephants’ habitats need to consist of enough shade, food, and water for them to survive.

Fun fact: The word Elephants originates from the Greek word “elephas” which translates to “Ivory”.

Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo is the most widely spotted animal in Botswana. You can spot the Cape Buffalo at the Okavango Delta in enormous herds.

Fun fact: The Cape Buffalo may have poor hearing and eyesight but has an incredible sense of smell.

Big Cats

Botswana is home to popular big cats such as the black-maned lions and leopards. The Black-maned lion is exclusive to Botswana and is known for its size and striking mane.

The leopards differ from the rest of the spotted cats because of their unique rosette-like markings. These predators often kill and drag their prey into a tree to keep it safe from other animals.

Fun fact: The darker the lion’s mane, the more attractive it becomes to the lioness.

Lilac-breasted Roller

Meet the national bird of Botswana, the Lilac-breasted Roller. This beautiful bird has striking colours consisting of lilac, blue, green, brown, white, green, and black. It’s also referred to as the “rainbow roller”.

Fun fact: The Lilac-breasted Roller received their name because of their mating display which involves a lot of swoops and dives.

There is plenty of wildlife to explore in Botswana, so make sure you charge your camera when you make the trip!

People of Botswana

There’s a lot more to Botswana than just its magnificent wildlife. The people of Botswana still remain rooted in their traditional values.

The citizens of Botswana are generally referred to as Motswana (singular form) or Batswana (plural form) and are a mixture of the different tribes where 90% speak Setswana.

Village Life

In the past, the tribes lived on land suited for keeping cattle and were mostly located in hilly regions for defensive reasons.

Their homes consisted of circular huts, either built with mud or reeds and had a grass roof. These huts were usually surrounded by a fence.


Cattle has always played a massive role within the Batswana community and are kept for wealth, food, and clothing.

The people of Botswana still keep with their traditional values and are the life and soul of their country.

Would You Like to Visit Botswana?

Exploring wildlife, rich cultures, and beautiful landscapes are all part of the Botswana experience. If you’re interested in exploring this exquisite country, Africa Travel Co has tours available for different types of travellers. For more tour options, feel free to visit www.africatravelco.com to get in touch. Effortlessly plan your trip with Africa Travel Co!