The Big Five of Africa

When mentioning a Safari to Africa, the first thing that pops into mind is The Big Five

Once we all packed and depart home for Africa, we settle down in our tents anxious for our safari, all we can think about is spotting the Big 5, oh and not forgetting the other Smaller animals which are just as eye-catching and fascinating.

Big Five AfricaThe Elephant

These colossal mammals spend most their day eating, giving them the nickname, “the Gardeners of the Savannah”, while flapping their ears to keep them as cool as can be.

An elephants tusks grow throughout its lifetime, and just as us humans prefer either being left or right handed, an elephant prefers one tusk over another. With over 40 000 muscles in its trunk, it makes for a good snorkel when swimming

The RhinoBig 5 Africa

It is believed that Rhino’s have been around for more than 50 million years, and yes, rhinos are indeed short-sighted, a little bad tempered, but magnificent to look at.

Even with its bad temper, the rhino does have a very good friend – The Oxpeckers eat the ticks off a rhino’s hide and also warn of danger.

 The Lion

For thousands of years these cats have been admired for their strength, beauty and hunting skills which have given them the label of the “King of beasts” by many.

These grandiose animals love resting, so much so that they can rest for up to 20 hours of the day. Lions do not purr like house cats, neither do they enjoy swimming.

The Leopard

This shy solitary cat spends many hours up in the trees, using them as observation platforms and also for protection.

These eye catching cats stalk and pounce their prey, usually dragging it up a tree, allowing them to keep the catch all for themselves. Leopards are generally excellent swimmers – Weird, but true.

The Buffalo

The Cape buffalo can be found in herds throughout the major game parks within Africa where surface water can be found. Flanks of ebony and horns of steel is what this fierce yet placid animal can be described as.