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Balls 4 Africa

The continent of Africa has so much to offer: breathtaking sunsets, unbelievable scenery, majestic animals, many still living in their natural habitat.  Africa is home to many children with bright futures, but for many families, earning just enough to cover basic necessities like lodging and food, their finances leave little room for luxuries like toys or sports gear.  That is why Africa Travel Co, in conjunction with On The Go Tours, have decided to launch a project called Balls 4 Africa on the 1st of January 2018.  Soccer balls will be distributed by passengers on trips moving through Africa.  The balls will be distributed through East Africa and Southern Africa.  These balls not only serve as toys, but they also help cement the fundamentals of the sport, not only in teaching the sport itself but also in improving gross motor skills, teaching teamwork, discipline and boosting their self-esteem, as they improve in their sport.

This project will serve children of all ages.  We will be using the hashtag #balls4africa on heartwarming pictures relating to this project. This will also serve to deter kids from common problems found in economically disadvantaged communities, such as teenage pregnancy, delinquency, crime, gangsterism, drugs, and alcohol abuse.  Sport also promotes social inclusion, develops leadership skills and helps with problem-solving skills.  This also helps to build crucial life skills to encourage physical, psychological and social health.  The project is aimed at both boys and girls.  These balls bring people together, regardless of their race, nationality or social status.  We are extremely excited to put our full force behind this project and make a difference in many children’s lives.

How to enter the Balls4Africa competition

Stand the chance to win a trip back to Africa by paying some love forward to Africa!

Step 1: Join an Africa Travel Co trip

Step 2: If you are one of the lucky clients on a soccer ball truck (trucks are randomly selected, not all trucks will be transporting soccer balls), get yourself ready to….

Step 3: play soccer with the locals and gift them an Africa Travel Co/ On the Go soccer ball

Step 4: Take a pic (or have another client take a pic for you) of yourself and the recipient of the ball.  Creativity is encouraged!

Step 5: Post it on your social media platform and hashtag #africatravelco #balls4africa

Step 6: Share the post from your social media to one of Africa Travel Co’s social media platforms

DEADLINE: 1 July 2018

Good luck and enjoy every minute of your African Adventure!

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