Africa Travel Co Launches a New Product

For those of you who have ever travelled with Africa Travel Co you will know that we specialise in camping safaris throughout Southern and Eastern Africa. These safaris are all group safaris that allow you the opportunity to partake in the adventure activities en route. Group safaris allow you the opportunity to travel with like minded people the safety of not travelling alone and put you at ease that all the logistics are taken care of.

As you are reading this you are most likely thinking, “Well what has this got to do with the launching of a new product?”

Well here is the answer: As of January 2015 Africa Travel Co will be running budget accommodated trips throughput Southern and Eastern Africa that will not take away from the group travel experience. We have created the product so that you can still travel with the like minded group, you can rest assured that the logistics are taken care of and all of this without costing a fortune; the only difference is that you will be staying in set accommodation units instead of having to set your tents up.

How it works:
• There will be seats on a truck sold as camping and seats sold as accommodated
• The routes stays the same irrespective of what trip you do
• The group travels together
• The same overlanding camps are used
• On arrival the accommodated passengers will be shown their rooms and the campers will be shown where they can set up their tents for the night.
• It’s still a participation trip for all involved
• Meals are the same for the campers and the accommodated passengers

This is great news for those who enjoy group travel, dislike camping and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the upmarket accommodated products in Africa.

For further information please follow this link: http://www.africatravelco.com/trips-and-safaris/budget-accommodated/

Other News:
We have just launched our 2015 brochure – If you would like to receive a copy of this brochure, please email your name and address to sales@africatravelco.com and we will be sure to send one your way.

20 Years of adventure in Africa
2015 is the year that Africa Travel Co will be celebrating our 20th anniversary of running adventure trips through Southern and East Africa. We would like to send out an extended thank you to everyone that has made this possible, to every single passenger that has travelled with us, to all the staff members in the office and on the road that do such a great job, and to all our booking agents that have supported us every single step of the way – For this we will be ever grateful as we grow in the future.

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