7 Reasons Why Kenya Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Whether it’s hiking a mountain, hanging out with some of Africa’s Big Five, or wandering through the markets, Kenya has everything you need for the most adventurous trip ever. We summarised seven reasons why you should add Kenya to your travel bucket list.

Nature & Wildlife

  1. Mount Kenyamount kenya

Often referred to as the “Place of Light”, Mount Kenya is an extinct volcano and is the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya has three peaks. The highest peak, Batian reaches up to 5199m. Nelion stands at 5188m and Lenana at 4985m. Together this trio stands out far and wide to those gazing up at its magnificent height.

Fun Fact: Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya falls in a close second.

  1. David Sheldrick Wildlife TrustDavid Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya

Who doesn’t love to hang out with baby elephants? Crazy people! Founded in 1977, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is all about helping orphaned baby elephants. At this rehabilitation centre, they take care of the little animals and protect them from harm. You can play with them, feed them or just watch how they go about their day. The wildlife trust also gives you several options to help the cause, including adopting an elephant.

Fun Fact: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has raised over 244 baby elephants so far.

  1. Lake Nakuru National ParkLake Nakuru National Park in Kenya

From beautiful waterfalls and views to over 56 different mammal species to explore, Lake Nakuru National Park is a place you cannot miss. It’s surrounded by beautiful bushy grasslands and has a large ecological diversity to experience.

You can experience Lake Nakuru National Park for yourself with our 10 day trip from Nairobi to Nairobi.

Art Galleries

  1. Nairobi GalleryNairobi Gallery in Kenya

Previously referred to as “Hatches, Matches and Dispatches” because of marriages, deaths and births which were recorded here, the Nairobi Gallery is now a National Monument where art exhibitions are held.

The gallery contains various collections of Joseph and Sheila Murumbi. Murumbi was the second Vice President of Kenya and is a rich art collector. At this small gallery, you will explore a ton of exquisite African art.

Historic Sites

  1. Jumba la MtwanaJumba la Mtwana in Kenya

Experience the Jumba la Mtwana Ruins which is all that is left of the small Swahili town of Mombasa. The historic site was deserted over 500 years ago. In Kiswahili, Jumba la Mtwana translates to “the large house of the slave”. The ruins overlook an isolated beach and were in a strategic position to avoid attacks from the water. Breathtaking and rich in history, these ruins cannot be left unexplored!


  1. Hell’s Gate National ParkHell’s Gate National Park

Breathtaking scenery, walking safaris, camping, the list goes on. Hell’s Gate National Park offers various activities for the whole family to join in. Wildlife roams the area and there are over 100 species of birds to see. You can camp under Kenya’s bright night skies if you don’t feel like leaving this beautiful place.


  1. MarketsMarkets in Kenya

If your favourite thing to do, other than travelling, is shopping at various markets around the world, then you have to check out the markets available in Kenya.  On Tuesdays, the Masai Market is available to satisfy your souvenir desires.

Kenya has attractions for every type of traveller to explore. From exploring wildlife and culture to learning about its rich history, Kenya will definitely not disappoint.

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